Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

Today’s draw is about using your tools to create livelihood. What do you love? I know, I know, following your bliss is much easier said than done. This is true. We can’t all be fluffy bliss bunnies dancing from one lovely pretty thing to the next. That’s not what this draw is about, actually. We are being challenged to look deeper than that, to find ways to bring what we’re good at to life in the world. Look for signs: you are not alone, and help is available. If you’re not seeing it, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and offer up a prayer to look with different eyes. In other words, if you can’t see it now, shift your perspective so that you can. Remember that story from “The Hobbit” (the book, not the movies) where the party is lost in the forest, and Bilbo climbs one of the enormous trees to get a better look at where they are and where the road is? Unfortunately, they’re at the bottom of a valley so his perspective is skewed in all directions–he can’t see that the forest ends sooner than it looks like from his perspective, and they would have made it through faster and with much less drama if they’d only stayed on their current course. Bilbo should have realized the limitations of his perspective, and that’s what we’re being called on to do today: if you can’t see how to change things to bring more resources your way, shift your perspective. Find another tree further on to climb. Keep to the straight and narrow path, and don’t lose sight of your goal.


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