Reblogging: Offerings from the air dakini writing retreat

Friends, this post is from the Dharma Pagan blog ( I contributed the invocation and praise poem for Angrboda. Check it out! Also Dharma Pagans are awesome. 😉

Here’s the invocation I wrote for Angrboda:

Power, blood, fire, wind,
oak tree, lightning, blasting forge.
Voice of pain, You god of swords,
You are iron, Mother of Death,
blood-red teeth, the Mother of monsters.
You are living, all eternal,
Your heaving sword is battle-tested.
You are the oak and tender acorn,
Life in one hand, death the other.
Mother of fire, blazing iron,
walls and strength and deep black earth,
Mother of the end of all things.
Wielder of sword and bow and hammer,
maker of magic, You know the wind’s secrets.
Bringer of armies, leader of men,
Hag of the Iron Wood, Chieftan of the Wolf Clan.
You lead, unflinching; You do not shirk the hard thing.
You love your children no matter how ugly.
You command, You rise–in life, in fury,
in determination. You do not look away.
God of fire, blazing passion, You lay with fire and rise unburned.
Power of ice that crushes all things,
power of earth that hides your grief,
power of fire that flows through earth and stone and mountain,
carrying loss and all your howling,
that, when it cools, builds new mountains.
You are stone and rock and hill, you are the mighty root
at the foot of all things.
Come now, Mother and Grandmother and Great-Grandmother.
Come now, Wise Woman and Healer and Shaman.
Come now, Leader and Warrior and Chief.
Come to me now and bring me wisdom.

-Karen Krebser, 2015 all rights reserved

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