Daily Draw: 4 of Coins (rev), Fafnir

Today’s draw is about losing what you have. Ok, so maybe what you have was gained through being greedy (looking at it in a negative light), and maybe not. Maybe you’ve been foolish and more than a little spendthrifty. Well, here’s your warning: stop wasting your resources, both financial and of the heart (but mostly financial). Let go of what can go. It’s time to start running a tighter ship. If you need help with this and have an ancestor practice, and you should, talk to them. Ask them for help in managing your money better, or how to better deal with sacrifice and deprivation. These are lean times for many people, and it’s important to make the best of what you’ve got right now and let go of what’s dead. Focus on your goals and what your real needs are, and let the rest go. And on a hopeful note, be sure to look carefully at your situation: is it really as bad as all that, or as good as all that? Either way, it’s best to know the truth. So do what you can to clarify your situation and your resources. What have you got? Where are the leaks? What’s not pulling its weight? What’s costing you more than it’s worth?


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