Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (rev), Svipdag

There are days on which we here at Muse’s Darling Industries feel like the world has failed us, or that we have failed at life, and therefore we are in full retreat–taking our metaphoric marbles and going home, retreating into our minds where we can drift through beautiful fantasy after beautiful fantasy. We are Pisces many times over, after all, so such things are easy for us. While it is understandable and maybe even necessary occasionally for wound healing and regrouping after a particularly spectacular failure, it’s a really bad idea as a life plan to drift like this. Action is necessary. Staying present in the moment and avoiding the numbing drift is essential today. For reals, my sensitive darlings. I know it hurts. I know how frustrated and disappointed you are, because I am too. But action must happen. You must DO something with others. It’s not enough to see the evil of the world and understand how profoundly fucked up it all is. That piece is important, of course, but it doesn’t end there. You must act. WE must act together. Use the gifts you’ve been given, and don’t fret if those gifts aren’t financial (although if they are that’s super-awesome yay you and any way in which you can share your blessings will help, so help). Are they artistic or creative? Are they scientific or technical? Are they professional in other ways? Are you a politician (by nature if not by profession), a writer, a builder, a cook, a teacher? Get out there. Volunteer. Join the fight. ACT in accordance with your ethics and values, and engage with community to join your efforts with those of others. Do something today to better the situation of someone else.


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