Daily Draw: 2 of Swords, Vafthrudnir

Today’s draw is about having faith in your decisions and going with it, and engaging that charming gift of the gab you’ve got in there somewhere. You will do well (and don’t be afraid to be clever). Be strong–recognize that your roots are deep, and don’t be afraid to take joy from what you do. It’s not going to all fall apart, and you won fair and square. Take some time today if you can to engage in your art, your creative mind. And remember this: in a pub in Ireland there hangs a placard that reads, “Tell a story, tell a lie, or get out.” Remember this when dealing with Celts today (and pretty much everybody is a Celt these days, so just remember it when dealing with everybody), because it’s not just a pithy Irish-ism meant to charm the tourists: it’s a bold statement of being and a nod to a deeply held belief in the power of communication and the web of connection. We all have wisdom to share, and stories and lies are how we paint the world for each other.


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