Daily Draw: 4 of Coins (rev), Fafnir

Today’s draw is about sharing what you’ve got. We are all really lucky no matter how it feels right now, and sharing what wealth we have with an open heart is the single best way to generate the kind of energy that will bring in more wealth (eventually). Even if you have to fake being happy about sharing, fake it and share. Don’t be foolish and throw your resources away, though, but do be kind. Be aware. Be open-hearted and, where you can, open-handed. And be honest about your dealings and transactions. If something has a cost associated with it (that is, something you can’t afford to just give away), tell people up front how much it costs so that they know it isn’t free. Don’t just expect people to understand what your needs are. Speak up. And where possible, avoid being greedy and grabby. That’s never a good look. Trust me.


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