Daily Draw: 4 of Cups (rev), Hevring

Today’s draw is about leaving grief behind and moving on. Seriously, look at the charms: there’s the Rider and the Chariot, for god’s sake. MOVE. Do something. Get out, get back into the flow of life. You are chained to your grief and only getting up and out can break those chains. Note: they are ancestral in origin so don’t get all bound up and hard on yourself. The pain has been carried down through generations, and you’re just one person. You can’t fix it all by yourself. But you can fix YOU, or at least make living for yourself more bearable by letting these painful burdens go. You’re in danger of wallowing in your dissatisfaction, boredom, and depression, and that’s suckage on a monster scale. Let the change currently working away at you carry these things away. Don’t try to hang onto them. Let them go. Go play in the sun.



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