Daily Draw: 9 of Wands (rev), Groa

Today’s draw, you guys oh my god. OK, here’s the thing. Those things you think you have to do? They’re burdens you REALLY need to put down. I’m not talking about the things you need to do to keep body and soul together–no, please keep going to work or otherwise meeting your obligations (hashtag paybillsSIGH). What I’m talking about are the dreams and fantasies we carry around thinking we need to accomplish them in order to be following “our bliss.” It’s a curse of the New Age that people are no longer finding satisfaction in living what might be called “ordinary” lives. Dudes, our ancestors have lived (and some may say are still living) “ordinary” lives for over 150,000 years and maybe longer. What makes us think we’re any different, that we’re somehow above spending time cleaning toilets and ironing the laundry? Honor those ordinary things that get us all through our days, and if you haven’t written the Great American Novel yet, consider this: maybe you’re beating yourself over the head with it because it was a cherished goal when you were fifteen but is no longer realistic (or even possible, perhaps). Has a childhood dream become a cudgel of your middle age? Because if so, and be honest about it, it needs to go. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are big fans of sacred bonfires and burning the crap out of what needs to go–we engaged in an activity like that a month ago and will be doing so again before the summer. Maybe at Beltane, if we get our act together. But you need not wait so long. Get rid of those cudgels, people. Free yourself of what is dragging you down so you can start seeing the world around you and your potential within it as it actually is, and let the dreams of your middle age manifest with power and passion. Remember, if “Romeo and Juliet” was written today, it would be sold under Young Adult fiction and scoffed at by The Village Voice as being an angsty teen yawn-fest without any seasoning of adult reality and nowhere near enough vampires.



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