Daily Draw: II The High Priestess, Angrboda

Today’s draw is about inner authority and doing what you need to do to ensure your own health and prosperity. Are you getting enough sleep? Enough exercise? Because here’s the thing: you’ve got one body. One heart, two lungs, two legs, two arms, two hands, etc., etc. These things are not easily replaceable, and if you do need to have one or another piece replaced it will take more money and energy than you really want to spend right now unless you have to. Take care of yourself. Can you walk up and down the steps where you live? Or walk around the office floor a few times? Get the blood moving, and practice deep breathing while you do it. If you’re traveling, reach out for home in your heart. Bring home with you (which is pretty much what we all do anyway; you’re just being asked to be conscious about it). Where are your boundaries? Are people pushing you to do too much? Are you letting them? Where is your focus? There’s so much that needs your attention, so take one little baby step today toward it. That’s all. Just one small step. No major leaps–you’re not ready for major leaps right now. Find that one little thing you can do, and do it.


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