Daily Draw: The Fool (rev), Ymir

Today’s draw is all about binding, feeling trapped by chaos, and needing and wanting to break free. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are totally in this space right now so we feel you. It needs to be ok to stop talking. It needs to be ok to just roll with the flow of the chaos, and to let go of the rules and mores that were operable in previous systems. Let them go. You are on a new path, so new rules and new ways of being will establish themselves as you go. But don’t get stuck. Also, identify what you’re bound to. As you flow through this new chaotic mess, identify what you’re dragging along with you. What are you chained to? Is it providing you with necessary ballast or grounding? Or is it dragging you down? Take a look, my dears. And feel free to do so in silence, without consulting the Internet’s opinion.

The Fool Ymir

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