Daily Draw: Ace of Swords (Kari)

Ok, so, here’s the thing: you’ve come through some rough stuff. We know this. A hard journey is either behind you or coming to a close. You may be so bathed in relief to have gotten through it that you want to rush ahead blindly so you can put it all far, far behind you. Well, slow your roll, Grasshopper. Resist that impulse. Now is the time to take what you’ve learned and implement it in solid, real-world ways. Take the lessons of the initiation and ground them in the practical, material world. You are embarking on a new path, and new doors are opening up for you. Have you ever had that nightmare where you’re in a transit hub of some sort (airport, train station, subway, whatever) and you’re rushing to catch a train/plane and you make it! Whew!! And as the train leaves the station or the plane takes off, you realize you’ve forgotten your luggage? Yeah, don’t be That Guy. These things you’ve been working on are too important to get left behind as you run for the door. Slow down, make sure you’ve got everything in order and in hand, and then proceed. Make notes of all inspirations, be careful to balance your activities to engage in both inner and outer work, and recognize your humanity through it all (hint: “humanity” = “human” = “not perfect”).

Ace of Swords Kari

One comment

  1. So strange… I’m doing my little victory dance and celebrating the ending of my rough patch, having found out yesterday that the end is in sight. No, I won’t be That Dude That Forgets His Luggage on the Platform. 🙂


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