Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

Today’s draw is the Source, the beginning of the journey after the Fool has taken that first step (or so it goes with The Fool’s Journey, if you follow that interpretation of the Tarot). Loki is a God of fire, and just like fire, He has many sides, many talents, many uses, many ways of tackling problems and challenges. So do you. We here at Muse’s Darling Industries are great fans of facing and taking responsibility for how we call our demons, and by so doing, of turning them into allies. This is amazing and intense alchemy, and it is the calling card of the Magician and perhaps all Sacred Tricksters. The rune Berkana is up today, adding healing to the upheaval that comes with facing one’s demons; the “I” tile (with the number 1 reflecting the number 1 associated with The Magician, so yay on that) and the Cat indicate great individuality and doing things according to one’s own particular magical way. This is a draw of tremendous internal change that is happening at a sacral level (chakra-wise), and it’s very powerful for those of us who are persons of the female persuasion (either cis or trans), although here’s something interesting in the reading: Loki is in His male aspect here (He’s been both female and a mother at times), but the charms and the rune Berkana indicate the feminine. So both forces are at play, both are working to change you from within according to your own Karmic alchemy. Roll with what happens today. Go with the flow and don’t freak out; relax and be like the Snake shedding Her skin: go within as much as you can, and let the process happen naturally.

I The Magician Loki


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