Daily Draw: Ace of Swords (Kari)

Good morning, my dears! Today’s draw is a positive one, a blast of icy fresh air in the form of new ideas, new projects, new ways of thinking about things that matter more to you than anything else. The time is right now for you to start thinking about things that maybe you’ve never let yourself think about before, and to think about them in new ways. For example, we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have been working part-time for months while we look for full-time work. But just yesterday we interviewed for a position that is also part-time, and it occurred to us that perhaps this is the New Way of Working: perhaps instead of having a single full-time job to which we devote our all, we might have multiple sources of employment and income, and that Employment Tapestry that we’ve been trying so hard to weave in competition with all the recent college graduates who are willing (and have so much more energy than we do) to do the same job for less money might be better and more successfully and more beautifully created if it were an Employment Mosaic made of many different pieces that are smaller individually but when combined make a more vibrant and interesting whole. And if one piece of the mosaic falls out it is more easily replaced than if a whole thread or section or color scheme of the tapestry goes missing and the whole thing falls apart. So this is your challenge and your invitation with this energy today: try to think about those projects and relationships and commitments in a new way that activates all your strengths and blessings and engages your deepest desires for what you want your life to be.

Ace of Swords Kari

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  1. I too have been looking at this idea: instead of declaring one job as “me” and “mine,” perhaps taking smaller chunks, dedicating to excellence but limiting the job to 9-5. We are not our jobs, and those willing to be flexible will be more welcome in this market.

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