Daily Draw: 6 of Coins (Suttung)

Today’s draw is about the flow of karma for good. Do good out in the world, and the energy generated by your good deeds will in turn generate good deeds, and further good deeds, cycling outward and outward into the universe. If you are able to share your good fortune, do so. If you are like the poor widow in the New Testament story who gave two pennies at the temple but it was a richer and nobler sacrifice than what was given by the wealthy family because the widow gave all she had, do that. There is always someone worse off than you, so remember that. Momentum is carrying us all forward today–here in the SF Bay Area the winds are howling, bringing energy and new motivation from the west. Change is afoot (perhaps literally!) so roll with it. Be someone else’s lucky day. Give what you can, and give thanks for the rest.

6 of Coins Suttung

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