Daily Draw: 9 of Wands (rev), Groa

Today’s draw is one of those super-fun ones in which the Divine forces are saying, “You f*cked up, Grasshopper, and you got caught.” The path is disrupted because of our own actions that were misdirected and/or incompetent. Whoops. Maybe we believed or trusted the wrong person, or maybe we went off on our own too soon and made one rookie mistake after another in a misguided attempt to prove that we knew what we were doing. It happens, and now we’ve got to clean up the mess we made before moving onward. And that’s the good news: we can clean up the mess. The damage is not irreparable. For instance, we here at Muse’s Darling Industries are very cognizant of not only having Binge Eating Disorder, which sucks, but we also figure we have pretty much Binge Everything Disorder (we are capable of watching twenty episodes of “Revenge” in three days, which is not a productive use of our precious life). So, what are you messing up in your precious life? What indulgences are you allowing yourself that have gotten completely out of hand? Here’s the thing: in our Western culture we hate to wait. HATE to wait. But that’s what we’re being called on to do right now: slow down, wait, be patient, do the tasks in front of us, and for god’s sake relinquish the idea that if we don’t act now we’ll lose out forever. Fuck that. Breathe, get a grip, and take however long it takes to do it right. Listen to your elders, and if you haven’t talked to them, go talk to them. Oh, and if you haven’t done your homework, go do it and don’t show up again without it.

9 Wands Groa

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