Daily Draw: 9 of Coins (The Nine Maidens of the Mill)

Today’s draw is about doing your work with focus and industry and doing it well, for your own good and for the good of others. You and I are parts in a larger machine, and while it may not always seem like it, we are all, every one, indispensable in our workings in the great web. The world needs what you bring, even if what you bring is only breathing and getting through a rough day alive. You don’t know how your words and actions inspire others (they do), and what it enables them to do with their lives (a lot), and you may never know. So don’t worry about it and focus forward on your own life: in the Northern Hemisphere it’s time for spring cleaning, so get to it! Sweep out those cobwebs, clear the dust, get rid of what no longer serves you–it might be of use to others, so donate where you can and recycle the rest. Don’t be afraid to release what’s just sitting and taking up space. Let it go, and feel free to sing that Disney song while you do it if you must–but if you do, do it with joyful abandon. Breathe, clear, release, and refresh, and when you’re done tonight, even if you’ve only made a tiny dent, take a deep breath and release as much anxiety as you can with it. Do well, do good, and be kind, to others and to yourself.

9 Coins Maidens of the Mill

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