Daily Draw: 8 of Swords (rev), Geirrod & Loki

Today’s draw is one of those cards that actually brings good news when reversed: the cage is open and you’re free. You’ve passed the test. You did well on your initiation, and now is the time to focus forward powerfully with this once-in-a-lifetime beginner’s enthusiasm and momentum. If you’re not feeling this right now, and we here at Muse’s Darling Industries have many friends who are suffering with difficult circumstances at present, The Mirror and The Spur are suggestions that you see yourself the way the world sees you (which is fabulous, of course), and to leap to action fueled by their faith in you if you cannot find faith in yourself. Today is a day of action and momentum, so take advantage of it whether you fly with your own wings or hitch a ride on someone else’s. Be sure to pay for your passage, though, if you do let others carry you. Practice mad graditude today, my dears.

8 of Swords Geirrod & Loki

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