Daily Draw: Eight of Swords (Geirrod & Loki)

Today’s draw is about making choices that are necessary but not ideal. You’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do, for whatever reason (love, money, survival), so do it. Learn from it and grow where you can, and accept the consequences when they come and remember why you made these decisions in the first place. Know that all things move in cycles of life and death and the great Wheel is always turning, so what’s happening now will not be how it is for you for the rest of your life (or lives, if you’re taking the long view 😉 ). Things will change according to their time and season, but you are where you are right now and you have to do what you have to do to get by. It’s possible that this is a form of initiation–I know quite a few Tarot readers who see the Eight of Swords as a card of initiation, and I’m one of them so it makes sense to me to see passage with this card (and the charms and runes seem to support this as well). Do your best–make your choices and keep moving. Just remember: when the results and consequences of your choices come due, be a grownup about it and take responsibility for them. Forgive where you can, especially yourself. We all do the best we can in the moment.

8 Swords Geirrod & Loki

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