Daily Draw: XXI The World, Jormundgandr

Today’s draw indicates a profound sense of being set, finished, boundaried, settled, completed. You’ve done what you needed to do, created what you needed to create for the energies that are flowing right now, and it’s time to let them flow. Don’t keep futzing with your work. Know when done is done. Release, let it go, and flow with it. Be mindful of what’s yours and what’s not: seriously, don’t take credit for what’s not yours, but also don’t own what isn’t yours either–meaning that if people are trying to get you to take responsibility for their crap, don’t do it. Let go of all co-dependencies. You’ve got enough on your plate to deal with without taking on somebody else’s stuff. Don’t hold yourself back while waiting for others to catch up. Move on. They’ll either catch up or they won’t, and in the meantime your precious life is flowing away. Turn around, face the future, and move.

XXI The World Jormungand

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