Daily Draw: 7 of Swords, Loki & Thor

Today’s draw is a card that’s come up a few times over the last few weeks: the 7 of Swords. There’s energy here and great potential, but it could go either way. It could work for you or against you, depending on how involved you are with the other players and how fast you’re willing to jump on opportunities. Watch your back (and your wallet!), and keep a close eye on your valuables. And if you have a chance to win back something you’ve lost, go for it and don’t be too squeamish about the methods you use to get your own back–as long as it truly is your own. If you’re stealing what isn’t yours from someone else, don’t kid yourself: you’re a thief. Be careful who you follow: the heart can lead you astray here because of how easily good intentions can be bewitched.

7 Swords Loki & Thor

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