Daily Draw: 6 of Coins (Suttung)

Today’s draw is the 6 of Coins, and it’s about how you are, how you hold yourself in the flow of material energy. The rune for today is especially apt because it’s Wunjo and is about the flow of divine connection, the sacred give and take. The charms are The Binoculars, Hekate’s Keys, The Owl, and The Broom. Are you expressing gratitude for the gifts you’ve been given? Are you sharing what you have with a grateful heart? You don’t have to, but choosing to is usually the better idea. And how are you with your magic, your “medicine”? What is your relationship with your God or Gods? Is it a give and take? Do you co-create with divinity, sharing your magic and energy to make things better in the material world? Or do you expect your God or Gods to do all the work? Hekate brings choices and opens all the doors, but She won’t unlock them if you don’t ask her to. Nicely.

6 Coins Suttung

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