Daily Draw: 7 of Swords (Loki & Thor)

Today’s draw is about deceit and it’s many uses, whether for good or ill, and how it’s all a matter of perspective. Are you taking stuff that isn’t yours? Stop it, seriously. Think about what you’re doing. You’re not only affecting your own karma, your own fate, your own place within the web (a web of eternal life in which everything is connected to everything else), you’re affecting the karma of those connected to you. If you do ill, you are bringing ill to those you care about (even if you’re doing ill for their benefit). If ill is being done to you, what did you do to bring it to your door? How have you created the situations in which you find yourself? It’s possible to deceive others for the greater good, but there are still consequences for deceit. Any ill that might be found in today’s card is mitigated by the rune Fehu, which has been described by Galina Krasskova (https://krasskova.wordpress.com) as a “metaphysical antidepressant.” It is lightness and quick flow of energy, so let it carry you through any dark rough patches today. Keep moving.

7 Swords Loki & Thor

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