Daily Draw: 10 of Coins (rev) Bestla

Today’s draw is the reversed 10 of Coins, with the Sowelo, Perthro, and Eihwaz runes and The Woman, The Man, and The Anchor charms present. Ok, so here’s the bad news. You know that whole “I’m gonna win the lottery!” thing? Yeah, not so much. Watch your finances today, be careful who you give your money to, and realize that there’s more going on in your financial situation than appears on the surface. There are ancestral forces at work here. If your people have always had money, perhaps somebody didn’t use it well and you’re working out that karma now. If your people were not wealthy, perhaps you’re currently working out why and are changing the direction of your ancestral financial “story” for your descendants. Either way, be careful: bad luck fairies are out and about today. If you bump into one of them, don’t take it personally. Try to have some grace and humor about it and just move on.

10 of Coins Bestla

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