Daily Draw: XIX The Sun (rev), Sunna

Today’s draw is another warning about walking through darkness and depression, and also being careful about the face you show the world. The card is The Sun reversed, so naturally there’s darkness involved. You’re not seeing as clearly as you maybe think you are. The rune for today is Hagalaz, and there’s a whole mess of charms that came out in today’s draw: The Peace Sign, The Dog, The Sun, The Magic Wand, The Mask, The Other, and The Man. To make sense out of all of it, focus on clarity as much as you can. Be honest and ethical, and reach out if you need help. Be wary with your trust and make sure people earn it before you give it to them. And keep your shields up—there are people out there who persist in engaging with dark magic, and you don’t want to have anything to do with them or their Karma.

XIX Sunna

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