Daily Draw: Knight of Wands (rev), Daeg

Today’s draw is the reversed Knight of Wands, with the rune Sowelo and The Woman, The Snake, The Car, The Fox, and Pregnancy charms showing. The card is reversed as are most of the charms, so today’s wisdom is to slow down, look before you leap, be careful what you say and what you commit yourself to (you’ll be expected to keep your word later on), and be very mindful of how you present yourself to others. A friend says that the Buddhists consider today a triple-Karma day, so by making sure that everything you think and do is focused on the benefit of all beings you can help yourself and others in a very profound way. So do it mindfully and with care, and don’t go off half-cocked. Do good in the world today, my friends. You’ll be glad you did, big-time.

Knight of Wands Daeg

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