Daily Draw: 3 of Wands (Glut, Einmuria, and Eisa)

Today’s draw is the 3 of Wands; three runes came out to play also: Tiewaz first, then Dagaz and Ehwaz. The charms are The Bear and The Anchor. Today is full of energy and energetic movement, and it’s important to not get carried away by it. Stay rooted and grounded in your truth and integrity, and be clear as you possibly can be about your intentions. Do what’s right, even if it costs you (and it often will, but that’s the case for everybody so don’t take it personally). When you journey, keep your eyes open for ways to expand your work opportunities and your financial ground. Throw away the old ways of doing things, and embrace the new with joy and fearlessness. Also, if you happen to find an unattended campfire out there somewhere, dance around it a little before putting it out like a good nature-guardian interested in preventing human-started forest fires.

3 Wands Glut, Einmyria, Eisa

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