Daily Draw: 6 of Swords REV (Bergelmir)

Interesting that today’s reading is a reverse of yesterday’s. The card and one of the runes is the same (although the charms are not), but both are reversed, which is something I’ve actually never seen before. You’re boundaries have been violated, and you need to stop and take inventory and clean things up before proceeding. The energy is stalled or delayed, and with The Coffin and The Crossroads charms, the wisdom is to stop. You’re at a turning point and something is going on that you’re not aware of. You’ve got stowaway energy, or maybe somebody has dropped something in your bags because they don’t want to get caught with it so they’re hoping you’ll carry it for them. Best to sort through your stuff and find out what’s gotten dumped on you recently so you can get rid of it. Has someone given you a gift that’s not really a gift? Something that’s a boundary-breaker, something you’ve been too polite so far to get rid of? Yeah, it’s time to spritz that shit with some holy water (or florida water or gin) or smudge it and get it to Goodwill (or just throw it out). You’re carrying stuff that isn’t yours, and you’ll want to get rid of it before you get too much further down the road.

6 Swords Bergelmir

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