Daily Draw: The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s draw is pretty in-your-face badass, and it’s calling on all of us to be that way too. In this deck by Raven Kaldera, the High Priestess is not a remote mystic, not a tidy and somewhat antiseptic visionary. She is Angrboda, bloody wise woman of the Iron Woods who is a chief and a leader of leaders in her own right and a shamanic magic worker who knows where all the bodies are buried (probably because she put them there). She is power and responsibility, taking control of one’s own magic and one’s own destiny. The rune in today’s draw is Calc reversed, and the charms are The Wishing Well, The Man, and The Baby Carriage. Calc, the Wishing Well, and the Baby Carriage are all tipped over, spilling out their contents and emptying onto the ground. Time to let go of wishful thinking and get real. Time to put aside childish things and grow up. Time to take action in your life and take responsibility for your choices. Face your demons. Face your fears. Face your insecurities. Own your magic and your shit both. Stop wishing and start doing.

II High Priestess Angrboda

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