Daily Draw: 4 of Swords (The Volva)

Today’s draw is intense and powerful: the 4 of Swords (in The Giants’ Tarot by Raven Kaldera) depicts the story of Odin going into the land of the dead to consult The Volva to discover how to stop Ragnarok. The Volva is angry at being disturbed, and the lesson is to be careful what and who you raise in your quest for answers that might not actually serve you. The rune for today is Eihwaz, and the charms are The Skull, The Book, The Scales, and The Peace Symbol—all of which are reflecting the wisdom of the card in a really powerful way. There isn’t much I can add here (and I’m actually still vibing from it and sifting it out). Be wise about the questions you’re asking, and be prepared to sit in silent contemplation of the question rather than going in mad pursuit of the answers. Some answers are not meant for us at this time. When you do go in search of answers, you will be crossing borders and boundaries into places that have their own rules and laws, so be careful. Proceed from a place of humility, or better yet, leave the question in peace and just wait.

4 Swords The Volva

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