Daily Draw: Knight of Cups (Svipdag)

Today’s draw is about having the courage to go deep and then speak truthfully about what is found there. Transformation is at hand, and part of the transformative work is allowing your true voice to come out, to be heard. Are you so bound up by emotional worries, a chokehold on your heart, that you cannot speak? Yeah, it’s time to end that drama. It’s affecting EVERYTHING ELSE, and it’s strangling off some necessary wisdom that you were born to share. You need to let it out, because like an out-of-control firehose, that power is thrashing around inside you and destroying everything it hits. Not good, my dears. Start talking, blogging, writing, whispering your truth, telling people how it is even if nobody listens at first. That’s ok. They will eventually. And they might even be hanging out nearby, waiting for you to speak up at last.


Knight Cups Svipdag



    1. That’s wonderful! The readings have definitely been following a pattern lately—well, they probably do always, but it’s just that this time they’re so incredibly visible. It’s a time of transformation for so many that that energy is getting picked up by readers and diviners all over the place.

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