Daily Draw: 8 of Coins (rev), Ovalde & Sons

Today’s draw is about ownership by right, apprenticeship, and dealing with what is and isn’t yours to do and to own. The rune is Othila and the charms are The Locked Heart and Key, The Letter, The Hollow Bone, and the Clover. Take a look around in your life: what are your skills? Are they skills your parents had? Or your grandparents? Those are your gifts by right, your birthright. It’s ok to own those, to claim them loud and proud. Don’t forget that just because you’ve got them doesn’t mean you don’t have to work to learn how to use them. You do, and that will necessarily demand a time of apprenticeship and learning. We’re all beginners at varying times in our lives, so there’s no shame in it, no failure. Take classes. Learn from the best. Admit that you don’t know every single thing, and approach worthy teachers with respect and humility.

8 Coins rev Ovalde & Sons

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