Daily Draw: The High Priestess (rev), Angrboda

Today’s draw is the reversed High Priestess, the rune Sowelo, and the Scissors and the Arrow charms. Keep up with the process of removing that which no longer serves you in your environment, and keep this in mind: get help if you need it. Find resources for knowledge and wisdom, but before just trying to take it, ask for help. Ask for permission. Be humble because you don’t know every damn thing and you don’t get to just reach out and take whatever you want. There are steps to these things, and processes. In this apparently burgeoning age of spiritual appropriation, tradition-holders are getting wise to the tricks of appropriators and are rightfully fighting back to defend their traditions, so approach with caution and respect. And humility. A good dose of humility goes a LONG way.

High Priestess Angrboda

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