Daily Draw: Queen of Wands (Sinmora)

Today’s draw is calling us to go deep into our creative selves for new solutions and ideas, my friends. The card is the Queen of Wands, mother of fire and invention; the rune for today is Yr upside down (which is how he came out of the bag), and the charms are The Snake, The Shark, and The Stork. Take a deep breath and go into your heart when you find yourself faced with a conundrum today. Don’t be afraid to go deep, and don’t be afraid to be relentless in the search for what you need. Others may try to stop you or tell you to do something else. As the wonderful Robert Downey Jr. would have it, listen, nod, smile, and then do whatever the fuck you were going to do anyway. Look with soft eyes, to see what’s moving on the blurry edges of your focus. Turn the laser off, and look instead with candlelight.

Queen of Wands Sinmora

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