Daily Draw: 10 of Wands (rev), Rym

Good morning, friends! Today’s draw is the 10 of Wands reversed; the rune is Thurisaz and the charms are The Car, The Wine Bottle, The Life Preserver, The Mountain, and The Scissors. It’s time to drop those burdens, people. Seriously. Your mission today is to review all your burdens, everything you’re carrying, and see what can go. Look clearly at all of it, and drop what is no longer serving you. Because here’s the thing: if you don’t drop it, it will get taken from you, and if that happens, you don’t know what else will get taken along with it. Best to do it yourself and take responsibility for it rather than making the Universe do it. Because if Mama has to come back there and handle it Herself because you refused to step up and handle it yourself like the grown-up person you are, ain’t nobody gonna be happy about it.

10 Wands Rym

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