Daily Draw: 3 of Coins (Hrimthurs)

Today’s draw is all about excellence in craftsmanship, my friends. Seriously. I could sit here and write the word “CRAFTSMANSHIP” fifteen hundred times and I STILL don’t think I’d be able to overstate the point too much. Do what you do today, and do it well. Do what you’re best at. Focus on that. The card of the day is the frost giant Hrimthurs, a master builder tricked out of payment by the Aesir (but the payment he was asking for was out of bounds to begin with, so he set himself up to get tricked in the first place—an apt instructive on setting proper payment boundaries if you’re an artist, and on getting at least half up front). The rune today is Fehu, which speaks at least in part of fine craftsmanship and wealth. The charms are The Cloud (reversed, so it’s indicative of fluffy shapes that inspire on a beautiful breezy day), The Artist’s Palette, and The Scissors. All of these are the artist’s tools, so use them today, and use them well. Do the best of you today, Boo.

3 Coins Hrimthurs

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