Daily Draw: 8 of Wands REV (Mjol)

Today’s draw is the 8 of Wands reversed, with the rune Sowelo and The Lighthouse and Fate charms. Things are slowing down and losing momentum, my dears, and that’s ok. Have you ever driven at night through the fog on a lonely coastal highway with no streetlights and no way to see what’s coming at you, and you’re at that devil-may-care stage of your life when doing so at 80 miles per hour seems like a great idea? Yeah, that phase is over and you’re waking up to the reality that demon rides in the dark are only fun when you’re self-destructive and/or in your twenties. Slowing down means seeing the signs as they appear out of the mist, and making adjustments based on them. Changes are coming and they could be big—you just may have to get out of the car and walk to take full advantage of them.

8 Wands Mjol


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