Daily Draw: The Wheel of Fortune (The Nornir)

Transformation is at hand, my friends. Today is a good, auspicious day for changes, whether you want them to happen or not. Ground your desires, that which you wish to change, in hard and fast reality. Be real, but also be optimistic. The sun is shining on you today. Be someone else’s good fortune, and share the wealth. Focus, and let go of whatever you’ve been clinging to, even if it seems like it’s the only thing keeping you afloat. Let go, and trust that (a) you don’t need it (that is to say, yes, you can in fact swim), and (b) something better to hang onto is nearby. Open. Expand. Breathe out and relax. As T. Thorn Coyle said in her blog post yesterday, allow yourself the gift of space.

The Wheel Nornir

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