Daily Draw: Knight of Coins (Grid) and Four of Wands REV (Ganglati)

Today’s draw is a little more extensive than usual. (That’s how we roll here at Muse’s Darling Industries.) We have two cards representing, simply, what to do today on the left and what not to do on the right. For what to do today, we have a direct and clear command to get over whatever low self-esteem problems we might have, and to just get down to the business of doing what we need to be doing. Isa (the rune associated with this card in today’s draw) is about hard boundaries, doing the work of the heart’s blood, and staying focused on what’s at hand. The Scissors are tools of the artisan, so create. Do something creative today that will make your heart happy, and do it well. No excuses. On the right we have the reversed Four of Wands, the rune Hagalaz, and The Recycling Symbol, and The Spinning Wheel. The message here is to be well aware of who cleans up after you and be grateful for their service. Be nice to the workers around you who in previous times might have been considered servants: the cooks, the cleaners, the nannies, the wait staff, the clerks. Their unglamorous service is just as worthy and valuable as anything else, and if you’re not in that position now, you might be in your next life. So be nice.


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