Daily Draw: XIX The Sun (Sekhmet)

Today’s card is from the Dark Goddess Tarot. It is The Sun, represented by the ferocious Egyptian lion goddess Sekhmet. The rune drawn (not pictured) is Ansuz reversed, and the charms are The Bullet Shell, The Handcuffs, The Horseshoe, and The Crossroads. Your energies are running very high today, my dears, but they’re bound in tightly. This can be a good thing: instead of the diffuse glow of a candle you’re operating the piercing, burning light of a laser. Candlelight cannot cut steel, but lasers can. Channel and focus your energy well today, and use it for good purposes. Don’t hurt yourself and don’t hurt others. Direct that energy carefully and blast away what needs to go, not what doesn’t.

XIX The Sun Sekhmet

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