Daily Draw: II The High Priestess (Angrboda)

Today’s card is The High Priestess. The rune is Perthro, the well of the priestess, the sacred depths into which She looks and from which She drinks; the charms that fell today are The Crown, The Shark, and The Garden. Community is good today, and taking your place within it is your task. Stand up. Be counted as who you are. It does no one any good if you’re pretending not to be the leader you are. Don’t be afraid to go deep. Sharks swim to the ocean floor way out in the Pacific–no one knows why or what they do out there. But they go WAY deep for a period of time and then come back. Let them guide you today, and don’t be afraid. Swim deep into the Well, my darlings, and bring back what you find there.
II High Priestess Angrboda

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