Daily Draw: Queen of Swords (Jarnsaxa)

Today’s daily draw is the Queen of Swords, Jarnsaxa, Iron Maiden and mother of Thor’s immensely powerful sons. The rune is Gebo, and the charms are The Puzzle Piece, The Dog, The Keys (I think of these as Hekate’s Keys), The Hook, The Broom, and The Ship. Lots going on here. You are in the midst of a swirl of energies, my dears; many pieces of the puzzle coming at you all at once. See the gifts, the good, but also use what you’ve already been given. Be careful of dismissing previously given gifts because you think you don’t need them. But also be willing to be ruthless in cutting away what is no longer serving you. You are an Iron Mother (regardless of your born gender)–you have all the magic you need in you to forge your life, so just have some faith in it already.

Queen of Swords Jarnsaxa

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