Daily Draw: 10 Cups REV (Himinglava)

Today’s daily draw is the 10 of Cups reversed, the rune Perthro, and The Indian Chief, The Camera, and The Fate charms. (The deck I’m using is Raven Kaldera’s The Giants’ Tarot.) Observe the sources of your feelings today, my dears. Try to not just get swept away by them. Keep an objective distance from the howling vortex from your soul’s core, because there are processes happening right now that have to do with your destiny that you can’t do anything about just at the moment. Allow them to be; allow your feelings to happen and just notice them. Go Buddha about it, if you can. Remember that it’s all a process, and tomorrow things will be different. You will be different. So let today be what it is, and flow with it even if you can’t see where you’re flowing. It’s ok. Sometimes we’re not meant to. And before it all gets away from me, let me just say this: wherever you are in the world, somebody else was there before you. Remember the indigenous people of your homeland, and honor them today.

10 Cups Himinglava

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