Tarot and Charms Class on Sat 1/17/15 2:00 pm at The Sacred Well

5 air and stars

Hey everybody! I’ll be teaching a class on casting charms with the Tarot on Saturday 1/17/15 at 2:00 pm at The Sacred Well in Oakland (536 Grand Street, Oakland, CA 94610). Here’s a description of the class:

Sometimes when we deal out the cards in a reading, it takes a little while to figure out what they’re trying to say. With so many potential meanings available to us for each card, especially if we read reversals, it can be challenging to know which meaning is intended at which particular draw, and how those meanings relate with other cards. This class will teach you to use charms with your cards to help narrow things down a bit, give a little extra direction, provide additional clarity, and maybe even give you a new way of seeing the cards themselves. Charms are an increasingly popular form of divination in which symbolic items, or even everyday hum-drum items, are infused with meaning and cast across the cards. Using charms in this way can help provide clarity and add an extra layer of depth to your readings, whether you’re reading for yourself or for others. Please bring your favorite tarot deck with you. If you have charms, please bring them to the class as well. But never fear if you don’t. Little everyday items will be provided that you can use as charms to get you started. 

Come and join the fun! The class is $35. Call The Sacred Well to register. Thanks and bright blessings to you!



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