Daily Tarot Charmcast: 5 of Air (Harionago) and XVII Stars (Spider Woman)

Today’s Tarot Charmcast is a double: the mischief-maker Harionago (5 of Air in Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Dark Goddess Tarot”) and Spider Woman (XVII Stars in the same deck) with charms by Carrie Paris.

You can see that there is healing in mischief, a sacredness and a certain amount of peace that comes from surrendering to it rather than trying to fight it. When you find yourself a victim of mischief, laugh at yourself. I know, I know, it’s difficult for me to laugh at myself too; but that’s what the Tricksters are for. Harionago catches people with the hooks in her hair, and the image is doubly amplified by the presence of The Hook in the charms. The Hook has caught The Peace Sign, so be at peace. Everybody is victimized by the Tricksters, even the gods. Try to learn what you’re being taught, and don’t be chained to your own self-importance. You are ancient and strong, and yeah, a big hairy sweaty human goofball too. There’s nothing wrong with that.

5 air and stars

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