Daily Charmcast: Hag of Earth, She Who Watches

The message couldn’t be clearer here: STOP what you are doing and focus all your attention on self-care. Put your own mask on first before putting on the mask of the person next to you. Be judicious in what you give away, and nurture yourself with the best possible things. Watch, wait, and if others are flailing, let them flail. Stop, watch, and wait. Leaping into the fray right now will do you damage, so don’t do it.

Also this is the first time three of my own runes have shown up in a casting: the X (Stop), the Eye (Watch), and the II (Other(s)) heading off in its own direction.

Hag of Earth--She Who Watches


    1. It’s so funny: it took a dear friend letting me off the hook about a commitment that was due today to help me realize that this message is for me as much as it is for anybody else. I’m about to detach and go walking and do some self-care. I hope you are too! ❤


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