Handling Mercury Retrograde without Falling Apart … A Layout to Help

Today we start a new Mercury Retrograde, and we have to endure it until October 24th. It seems like every time Mercury Retrograde rolls around, people get upset and unsettled by it. Every single time, I see posts on my various social media feeds about Mercury Retrograde being to blame for everything from bad driving habits to bad luck at work and at home, bad tailoring, bad teeth, bad global news, and who knows what else. Whether or not communications really do get tripped up during these 3-4 weeks when they roll around, because let’s face it, Mercury doesn’t actually go backwards (or “retrograde”) — it’s an optical illusion we experience based on where we’re standing vis-a-vis Mercury as we watch it go through its orbit. Still, enough people believe that everything from interpersonal communications to satellite transmissions goes all wingle-wangle during these periods that they actually do. And who knows? Maybe they’re right. Seriously, I have no idea and this post isn’t about debating whether or not Mercury Retrograde is real. The effects are absolutely real, and I’ve put together a card spread to help deal with it, because in the end that’s all we can do.

So here are some questions you can ask yourself and draw cards on, to see what will help you best during the next four weeks. I’ve drawn cards for myself, so feel free to share my energy or do your own draw to see what works best for you.

  1. What is my energy doing right now as I head into this Mercury Retrograde? What is my “baseline”?
  2. What should I actively put my energy into during the next four weeks? What should I be looking for as opportunities?
  3. What energy or types of thinking should I actively avoid?
  4. What protection do I have during this time?
  5. What does this period of Mercury Retrograde have to teach me?

As you can see, the emphasis is on empowerment, on taking back some modicum of control over thoughts and actions. Here’s what came up for me (I also threw some charms to help deepen the reading but I’m not reading them specifically here):

Taking Back Mercury Retrograde

Taking Back Mercury Retrograde

  1. Page of Wands: I am focused right now on establishing new projects and new ways of doing things. I’m concerned with appearances too, and in doing a good job (or at least in the appearance of doing a good job). I’m also looking at new and exotic, different ways of doing things. The rune on the Page’s face is the Self rune, emphasizing the point that it is, in fact, all about me. 😉
  2. The World (Rev): I need to be putting my energy into finishing up what I’ve left undone up until now. I need to go through and close out old books, finish old projects, and clear my plate. That’s where the focus needs to be.  The charms here are the Crown, Dragonfly, Bear, Life Preserver, and Passport; emphasis on finances, self-change, and travel.
  3. Ace of Cups: I need to actively avoid emotional, daydreamy, overly ungrounded thinking. I need to keep from holding onto my emotions. It’s ok to have these feelings, but I need to let them go after they pass and not hold onto them. The charms are the Computer, Other, Woman, Sun/Moon, and Clock: emphasis on my personal time-wasters: the computer, looking to others to save me, and too much focus on time management.
  4. Justice: I’ve got the Immortal Right on my side; the long arm of the law is with me as I do this. I’m doing the right thing and I’m doing it ethically and justly, which is more of a comfort to me than you guys will ever know. Charms are the Keys, the Hand, and the Snake: the key to my situation is in being ethical and just in all things, and in developing my inner wisdom as an aging woman.
  5. 8 of Cups (Rev): This Mercury Retrograde is teaching me about giving up on my dreams, and on sitting in the bitterness and grief of that surrender to a difficult and painful reality. This Mercury Retrograde might as well be called Mercury Regretrograde for me. The Charms are the Heart, Ruler, Garden, and Rider: I am measuring my happiness against that of others, and I’m judging myself based on what other people are doing. Mercury Retrograde is bringing me messages that I need to hear (the Rider), if only I have the courage to hear them.

I LOVE that the Quest die fell directly in the center of the reading, and it landed on the “Why?” question. This is the story of my life, this constant asking, “Why?” that I’ve been doing since I was a little kid. Maybe on the other side of all this raw and real emotion, once Mercury Retrograde has passed, I might find the answer. Or maybe I won’t need to ask any more. We’ll see.

Just because it’s challenging and difficult doesn’t mean it should be avoided. Have courage, mes amis, and look your life in the face.

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