Depression LIES, and Don’t You Believe the Lies

Good morning, my dears! Today we have a reversed card, The Moon, from the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot and charms from Carrie Paris’s Magpie Oracles I and II. In case you haven’t realized it yet from my daily draws over on Facebook, I love pulling cards and charms together. The charms deepen and direct the information coming through, and add layers to both the questions and answers. So let’s see what we have here for today, shall we?

The Moon reversed can be read in a variety of ways. I tend to read reversals as a delay or a block of the energy of the card, and in some cases a perversion of the card’s energy, a twisting of it into something it’s not meant to be. In this case, it feels like something deceptive and dark is getting driven into the light. I’m seeing this as a good thing, for the following reason: I suffer from depression. It gets pretty bad when my material circumstances aren’t great, which is what’s going on for me right now. In July I was laid off from my job, and I’m really struggling right now to find a job that I can enjoy spending my time doing. My depression is rearing its ugly head, telling me I’m never going to find a job, never going to get to have a job that I enjoy, that that experience is for other people. This card, in this aspect, is a reminder that such thoughts are lies. Deception is a big message with The Moon, that the possibility exists that what one sees is not the whole picture, that there are things coming up from the depths that are at present uncatalogued and unidentified. There is a wild side and a familiar side to this card, and a sense of sacred journeying through the darkness. When reversed, I read this card to mean that these processes are twisted, that the journey is blocked and the flow is dammed up so that nothing is moving. The wild and the familiar have switched sides (or are morphing into and out of each other), and you can’t trust anything because it’s hard to know what’s what and where you stand. So the card is an indicator to me that depression has taken hold and has affected how I see the world.

Now, let’s add some charms starting from the bottom and working our way up:

The Moon (Rev) and charms

The Moon (Rev) and charms

  •  The Stork brings messages of new things coming. Have faith despite not being able to see right now. Have faith. New beginnings are coming.
  • The Crown and the Coin sitting on the Moon’s face indicate both wealth coming from the unknown and a sort of dominion over that realm.
  • The Horseshoe and the Sun sitting on the Coyote indicate goodness and good fortune coming from the wild side, from that which is not domesticated yet.
  • The Needle is a symbol not only of creation and of work, but for me it is also a symbol of ancestors–my grandfather was an upholsterer, so that’s where that comes from.
  • The Dragonfly on the dog is a symbol to me of shape-shifting out of domesticated form and into … whatever comes next.
  • The Caduceus reminds us that this is a healing process, that what is being gone through is necessary to rid the spirit and the self of toxins previously absorbed.
  • The Passport is an indicator of travel and shifting environments.
  • The Woman symbol is an indicator of the Sacred Feminine.

All of these charms have positive messages, and it feels like they are bringing a positive message over the more negative one that the card alone brings. We are being reminded that the most devastating thing about depression is that it lies. Do not believe the lies today, my friends. Try to remember that your mind is lying to you when you are swamped with overwhelming negative emotions, and that recognizing the lies is half the battle in coming out of the darkness. ❤ ❤ ❤


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