Card for 9/18/14: Make your own meaning

Hello, darlings! I’ve been taking a break, learning new things, and rediscovering what unemployment feels like (got laid off at the end of July). So while I’m out here looking for work, I’m also tapping more into my divination practice, and here’s what we’ve got for today.

Four of Earth, the Sphinx (The Dark Goddess Tarot,  Ellen Lorenzi-Prince)

Four of Earth, the Sphinx (The Dark Goddess Tarot, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince)

This is the Four of Earth from Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s Dark Goddess Tarot. She’s magnificent and mysterious, and death comes from not knowing her. Something about that touched me deeply today when I pulled the card. I read what Ellen wrote about this card, about how the sacred pillars of the world around which the self builds and defines itself can become restricting and limiting, and how we need to break those pillars down and redefine/rebuild them in order to keep growing. And then I started to cry. I couldn’t get more deeply into the card than that, and it struck me immediately that what I need to do for today, for this card, is to allow tears to be the answer. I need to weep. It’s raining a tiny bit outside my SF Bay Area home right now for the first time in many months, so maybe I’m experiencing a kind of sympathetic grief and release. But whatever the case, I’ve decided that that’s the meaning for the card today: grieve, or feel, whatever you need to today. Be within your pillars, and know that they are limiting you and that you will tear them down soon. You will change what you need to change, because you must. And in the meantime, cry. Go ahead. It’s fine. You have divine permission to have as big or as small a meltdown as you need to. So go for it.

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