Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Beautiful Things (101-150)

Continuing from yesterday’s listing of 298 beautiful things about being alive today, in honor of those who died on Malaysian Airlines flight 17…

“101. Being able to sit up in bed and say, “Good morning” to myself this morning was a wonderful thing. 102. Talking to other people is a good thing, in general (although I appreciate being able to be in sort of non-conversational hiding too). Just saying “Oh, hi!” is a blessing. 103. Flute music is awesome because it’s like bird language that actually makes sense. 104. Believing that everything around me is alive is a pretty great thing. I actually say good morning when I walk out of my garage every morning, and I’m talking to the rocks, trees, plants, and everything else I see. It’s also kind of fun to give the neighbors something to talk about. 105. I love nail polish. 106. I love how we create villains in our stories and then have the heroes overcome them (or not); it’s a learning tool, and a mirror, and entertainment all rolled into one, and it makes me wonder if whales have heroes too. 107. Archaeology is awesome because it shows us proof of our longevity and creativity. 108. Crying helps in so many ways. We may not like how we look while doing it, or how out of control it makes us feel, but it’s a reminder that we’re human and that we have hearts. 109. San Francisco, my beautiful city on the forward edge of a continent moving inexorably westward, you beautiful lady of swirling mists and howling winds, I love you so. 110. Travel is a great thing; being able to see new places and experience how people do things in other ways is so expanding and enlightening. 111. I wish old-fashioned typewriters would make a comeback, because they are great. No delete key. Just start banging away and see what comes out. 112. Daydreaming may be the bane of my existence at work, but I still love doing it and am convinced it’s the source of at least part of my creativity. 113. Hot days are a blessing because they are a reminder of how lucky we are to have fresh cool water readily at hand. 114. I am such a fan of the wind. (In the Yoruban Ifa tradition of Nigeria/West Africa, I am considered a daughter of Oya, the Wind.) I love how nothing moves without the wind’s say-so. 115. Carpeting is an amazing invention if you think about it. 116. And speaking of inventions that keep our feet out of the dirt, can I just give a momentary shout-out to shoes? Not only do they keep my feet dirt-free but they keep my toes warm, and I love having warm toes. 117. Numbers are great. Actually not just numbers, but symbols in general. I should have gotten a degree in symbology in college, except there wasn’t such a thing at my university (or pretty much any university that I was aware of) when I went. But I love being able to convey complex ideas with just a little squiggle. Which I guess is kind of the history of mankind, if you think about how we all come from sperm/ova. <wink> 118. When shoes aren’t enough to keep my toes warm, god bless the noble space heater. 119. Hand lotion is a gift from the lady-gods. 120. The fact that I know the basic rules of Chess but still can’t play it is a wonderful thing because it tells me that there’s always something to learn. 121. Medicine is great when it works and helps. I love that while I am a chronic depressive with an anxiety disorder I’m not only functional but thriving because of modern medication, whereas a century ago I’d probably either be a dangerously bitter, angry person lashing out at absolutely everybody or I’d have been a suicide. Never underestimate the power of feeling healed and healthy. 122. While the ocean terrifies me, I love how full it is of amazing varieties of life. 123. No matter how depressing the news is, there’s always something, someone, somewhere doing something positive and empowering to help others. 124. Using a felt-tip pen is like holding a color-river in your hand. 125. Have you ever tried throwing a baseball? The weight of it, so perfectly balanced, how it fits into your hand. You should try it. 126. I love that people surf. I mean, who first looked at ocean waves and thought, “Hey, I could get on a plank of wood and ride those!” I love that somebody figured that out and then actually did it. 127. Wayside flowers rule. Scarlet Pimpernel, I’m looking at you. 128. It’s amazing to me that somebody figured out how to take the fat and calories out of peanut butter. SCIENCE. 129. Patience really is a virtue, and while I find it kind of oppressive when I have to summon it in dealing with others, boy am I glad others summon it when dealing with me. 130. I love playing solitaire. I think it’s partly because I love card games and partly because I love cartomancy. 131. Looking up at sunlight through the leaves of a tree in summer is magnificent. 132. Microwave ovens are miracles of convenience. 133. Being able to turn on the radio when I want music or information is a blessing. 134. Hairbrushes rule. Combs too. 135. I love living in a place where I can write and say whatever I want to without fear of getting thrown in jail, shot, beaten up, or killed. 136. never fails to make me laugh. 137. I like being a human person. 138. Seaspray blowing off the tips of waves in a high wind (or at least a stiff breeze) is really refreshing. 139. Standing in Yosemite Valley looking up at Half Dome reminds me of how old the Earth is, and how young I am. 140. Funny commercials make me laugh, although I do worry about the increase in overall social cynicism. 141. Being at a protest and not getting arrested or beaten up (or hurt or killed, god forbid) is an amazing experience in engaging in group dynamics. 142. Tea and coffee are miraculous. 143. Almost every medicine out there that we use to heal ourselves is plant-based. Plants are awesome. 144. As much as I bitch about uncomfortable bra fit, I much prefer the mobility I have with that garment than the alternative (i.e., a corset). 145. I actually do like corsets, and find them to be great (better, actually, than the bra) at distributing the weight of the bazooms to the hips rather than hanging it off the neck. But it’s unwise to exercise in a corset. Seriously, trust me on this one. 146. Speaking of corsets, everything about the Renaissance Faire is beautiful and a blessing. I need to go this year (and so do you: 147. I really like the Western Fence Lizard. I can’t explain why, except I’m pretty sure they aren’t harmful to humans. They’re cute and quick and reminders of elemental fire. 148. My car horn is pretty super-great. I use it a little too much but still, it’s there for a reason and I’m happy to help it fulfill its Car-Horn Destiny. 149. The First Day of School. Remember that? I really want everybody to be able to remember how awesome The First Day of Elementary School was, with fresh pencils and lots of blank paper and books, huge potential, a new teacher, and an expanse of mostly organized adventure laid out before me. 150. Teddy bears are sewn with smiling faces. How great is that?


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