Two Hundred and Ninety-Eight Beautiful Things… (1-50)

In honor of those who died on Malaysian Airlines flight 17, I am listing 298 beautiful things about today, one for each person on that plane. May the dead be forever blessed.


  1. The sun is shining. 2. There is water on my desk. Pink water. 3. A breeze is playing gently in the leaves on the tree outside my window. 4. Planes are taking off and landing safely every few minutes nearby. 5. I have a job. 6. High overhead, stars are shining brightly. 7. Technology allows me to keep in touch with people I love who are far away. 8. Gum is awesome. 9. There’s a teddy bear with a bright red ball. 10. Juniper and sage smell heavenly. 11. James Dean. Say no more. 12. Ibuprofen helps heal and reduces pain. 13. Humans are awesome at making tools. 14. We tell each other the most awesome stories, and sometimes we use moving pictures to do so. 15. People have figured out how to safely travel in space. 16. Speaking of travel, cars are mostly awesome, especially the shiny black ones. 17. ComiCon starts today. 18. Other people, because as annoying as they can be, without them life would be so bitterly lonely. 19. Ducklings exist. This also applies to goslings and cygnets. And all other baby birds. Basically baby birds in general. 20. I love my headphones because I can use them to drift into my own world without actually leaving this one. 21. We don’t actually know what elephants think of us, and that’s a good thing. 22. Gum. Pretty much everything about gum. 23. No matter how big a mess you’ve made, you can always clean it up. 24. Any form of communication that involves fingers. 25. Eye drops are helpful. 26. Blogging about things is a wonderful way to connect with people AND get things off your chest. 27. My sister had golden ringlets when she was a little girl. 28. A friend of mine has an awesome old cat with one eye who reminds me of Old Deuteronomy as he sits and watches the world go by. 29. Sometimes turkey vultures will sail overhead where I work, and sometimes they will land and have a little sit on the lightpoles in the parking lot of my office. 30. Walking is awesome exercise. And it’s just basically awesome. 31. Tarot cards (and other forms of cartomancy) actually work. 32. Some chairs have wheels. 33. It’s possible to connect with our beloved dead, to check in with them, and to help them heal and elevate by letting them help us. 34. Friends make everything better. Friends are awesome. 35. Thanks to technology, I can listen to the baseball game here at work. 36. Did I mention gum? 37. Quartz is a beautiful crystal. It amplifies goodness and healing. Some people are like that sometimes too. 38. Even in the midst of awfulness and disease, people are strong and beautiful and loving. 39. You never know how much staplers are helpful until yours is broken. Seriously, I’d like to shake the hand of the guy who invented the stapler. 40. Pens. Everything pens. Always. Pens are amazing. I worry sometimes about landfill though if I’m not using a refillable pen, but most of the time I just love having pens. 41. Considering how much so many other people have to deal with with theirs, my family is a blessing of groundedness and normalcy. 42. Kleenex is a wonderful invention that helps keep people from spreading disease. 43. It’s possible to type while blindfolded and have what you type make sense. In fact, that’s the point of typing: to memorize the keyboard so you can press the keys without looking down to check your work. 44. I would never want to live in a world without roses–beautiful, elegant, fragrant roses. 45. May all mothers everywhere be blessed, because mothers are wonderful; and if yours sucked, I’m so sorry. I hope and pray that you are able to create your own magnificent karma by being the awesome mother to yourself that you never received growing up. 46. Thanks to the Internet, I now know that the world is full of hilarious people. 47. Speaking of hilarious people, let’s take a minute to mention Jon Stewart. Yay, you magnificent bastard. 48. Isn’t it wonderful that flowers are colorful? 49. Somewhere in the world it’s raining. 50. People organize themselves into groups. Sometimes this organization works well and sometimes it doesn’t. Let’s focus on when it works well.

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